Dippers Original

Dip them!

These oven baked crispy one-bite Dippers made with extra virgin olive oil and sea salt can't be missing during your drink. Dip them with HEKS'NKAAS or another spread. Make sure that you don't become a double dipper.

Eat them!

Enjoy straight from the bag or served with your favourite dip.

Nutritional Information per 100 gram

  • Energy1755 kJ
    416 kcal
  • Total Fat
    Saturated fat
    9,5 g
    2,3 g
  • Total Carbohydrate
    70,1 g
    2,9 g
  • Fibre3,6 g
  • Total Protein10,8 g
  • Salt2,3 g

Allergy information

This product may contain traces of milk and sesame.