Important safety warning: Melba Thins Original & Mini Tostas Original 100G
Rye bread snacks

Snacking on rye bread

You know what? Rye bread could be ideal as a snack, we thought to ourselves one day. Our masterbakers started baking right away and made these delicious square ones in snack-size. They are just as good as our traditional rye bread, and of course made with the best ingredients. We think it is safe to say: it does not get tastier than this!

Hundred years of experience

Van der Meulen has almost a hundred years of experience making delicious Frisian rye bread. You can taste the experience in our extra rye bread. It is healthy too since rye bread is both low in fat and rich in fiber. Snacking has never been healthier or tastier!

Nutritional Information per 100 gram

  • Energy854 kJ
    203 kcal
  • Total Fat
    Saturated fat
    1,3 g
    0,2 g
  • Total Carbohydrate
    36,8 g
    11,6 g
  • Fibre10,4 g
  • Total Protein5,7 g
  • Salt0,8 g

Nutritional Information per 12 gram

  • Energy102 kJ
    24 kcal
  • Total Fat
    Saturated fat
    0,2 g
    <0,1 g
  • Total Carbohydrate
    4,4 g
    1,4 g
  • Fibre1,2 g
  • Total Protein0,7 g
  • Salt<0,1 g