Rye bread of Van der Meulen, it doesn’t get better than this!

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Our delicious rye bread is a jack of all trades: not only is it nicely moist and rich in flavor, but also low-fat, high protein and rich in fiber. So, it doesn’t surprise us it has lots of fans from all over the world. In our bakery we only bake with the best ingredients. We select only the best rye kernels. We have refined our secret recipe for years, so now we think it’s safe to say: you won’t find rye bread better than this! With rye bread of Van der Meulen you benefit from the best the market has to offer.

We know rye bread like no one else

Van der Meulen has been making delicious rye bread (also known as pumpernickel or fullkomsbrot) for over a hundred years. Our customers appreciate the quality and the creaminess of our rye bread. On top of that it is very healthy, since it is low-fat, high protein and rich in fiber. All in all, a great product of which we are very proud. We are continuously refining our recipe to make things even more enjoyable. Rye bread tastes great at any moment, so we have different varieties of rye bread to go with those different moments. We have rye bread in different shapes and flavors, like rye bread with sunflower seeds or in single portion packaging.

Private label rye bread

We love to hear our customers enjoy the bakery products we pour so much love and energy into. Which is why we continuously improve our products on the basis of information we gather from market research. So, when selling Van der Meulen rye bread under a private label, the best quality is guaranteed. On top of that our strength lies in our flexibility. We quickly respond to changing wishes and trends from within the market. With this knowledge we know the best packaging. There are many possibilities. The packaging can be wide or small, and the rye bread can be packaged in both cellophane or a cardboard box. Have anything else in mind, please just let us know.

Knowledge and experience

Our rich history has produced some beautiful products. Have to see it to believe it? Contact us to know the possibilities. We take care of everything and will support you wherever possible. This way we make sure your product is in line with all of your wishes and the consumer demands.


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